Aditya Trivedi


Surprised by the development of journalism nowadays, the pathway of ‘ideological warfare’ and ‘word war’ does not seem very good alternatives to me. Why not call spade a spade – and why not award king his title! The journalism based on political spectrum of left and right does not appeal to me. Some prefer left journalism while some prefer right journalism. Well, what is right and what is wrong starts with the facts itself. The broken facts when become ‘breaking news’ shakes the roots of journalism.

All of us have heard of yellow journalism. Exaggerated facts, usage of pseudoscience, shocking headlines, illustrative content, et al. is the whole idea of this concept. Then there is envelope journalism which involves exchange of news with heavy envelopes. In China and South Asian countries, ‘red envelope journalism’ means gifting journalists with monetary gifts on special occasions and holidays. In Japan, ‘white envelope journalism’ means bribing journalists for publishing news. In English speaking countries, ‘brown envelope journalism’ is a fancy term. Also, there is white and black journalism which is stuck in the gender and the colour line. In India, we have ‘blue journalism’ for so-called backward castes, ‘green journalism’ for Islamic literature, ‘saffron journalism’ for Hindutva.

Let’s not get confused with colours and name it RAINBOW JOURNALISM. It is a kind disclaimer that I am not pointing finger towards every journalist in this country but the person reading this editorial knows very well about whom I’m talking about. The process of breaking news when turned into prism of journalism after broken facts are inserted is rainbow journalism. Media today has turned into unprofessional profession rather than passion which it used to be. Masses believe in whatever is served into its dish. Mass media and social media has been responsible for mass mental pollution. Fake news travel faster than genuine ones. Corrupt information is harmful for the society. I don’t want to see the faith the media moving in this direction. Media should not lose public faith and should work as an organ of democracy and not mobocracy or hypocrisy.

What we need is ‘tricolor journalism’. Let the journalists, writers, bloggers, et al. write for the nation, Union of India, i.e. Bharat and its interests. If we keep fighting among ourselves, it amounts to slower growth of the nation. Literature has always influenced the thought process of a country, instance from French Revolution to 1947 Freedom Movement of India, history speaks for itself!

Aditya Trivedi 

Chairman cum Managing Director 

Samacharline Media Group