Union Cabinet Minister for Education Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank tweeted a video in which he is talking about the guidelines for reopening of schools from October 15. The latest guidelines states that if in case students feel that going to school is not safe, they may also opt for online classes rather than attending the classes physically. Education Minister clearly stated that students will only attend the classes physically when they will be given consent by their parents. He has confirmed that there will be flexibility in the attendance.

Here are the guidelines for reopening of schools:

• All schools has been advised for forming teams who will take care of hygiene inspection so there will be less chances for spreading of the virus, emergency care and support which has become basic need nowadays.
• There should proper timing for arrival and dispersal of the students to avoid rush and taking care of the social distancing which is the need of the hour.
• If in case school is hosting any event then the workers, staffs, students everyone has to wear a mask not only the students.
• The school will be responsible for taking care of the health status of each and every student.
• If in case anyone is showing symptoms for Covid- 19 then immediately they need to isolate themselves and follow the basic rules directed by the government.
• Precautions needs to be taken while preparing the midday meals in the schools.
• Teachers are supposed to inform each student regarding the whole idea of conducting the classes.

These new guidelines by Ministry of Education will be really helpful if it will be followed properly but there are few things which cannot be ignored like students will surely migrate to attend their classes which is not safe. So, in this case it will be better if they will attend the classes online because it has been stated that students will be provided flexibility in the attendance. Schools are supposed to ensure that there is not any sudden jump from online classes to offline classes, the transitioning of teaching methods should be smooth. Overall consideration towards each other will be helpful in this turbulent situation.


Shalinee @ samacharline