After 35.8 million cases in worldwide of coronavirus the president of United States Mr Donald Trump has also got the corona virus. But he is not afraid of the virus and he also suggest people to be not let the virus dominate themselves. Maybe Trump is not understanding the the effect of the virus on the human body which may also cause death. After being discharged from the hospital, which was admitted to the Army Hospital for three days after he got corona infected, Trump said – do not be afraid of corona, do not let it dominate you.  Donald Trump stayed at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland for three days after being corona infected. He was discharged on Monday.  During this time, he kept on requesting doctors to discharge him soon.  He always denied the severity of coronavirus.  This also caused problems for the doctors.  Because, this patient was also their president.

What Trump thinks about Corona is revealed by one of his tweets after being discharged from the hospital.  Trump compared Corona to seasonal flu in this tweet.  He said that flu season is coming.  There are one lakh deaths due to flu every year.  People die despite the vaccine. From this we can imagine what he thinks about this coronavirus as this virus is killing lacks of people still there are people like Trump were not afraid of it.

Sean Conley is a White House physician and Navy doctor.  The President is the Commander in Chief of the armies.  It is obvious that Doctor Conley was compelled to accept Trump’s order.  Because, the order of the boss in the army cannot be ignored.  It is considered the biggest crime.  Like some former presidents of the country, Trump chose a military doctor for himself.  Conley maintains the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy.  On Monday, he said –  we will have to pay attention to the President.  The danger is not over.  However, refused to accept Trump’s return to the White House.

Trump proved to be a good patient

Dr. Conley said – The president has been good patient for us as long as he stayed here.  He fully supported our medical team.  He did not bother the team even once.  Conley said these things after Trump left the White House.  Trump was also the boss at Military Hospital.  Walter Reed is the National Medical Command Center.  Trump also chose the same doctor who told the same things he wanted in terms of health.

Focus on politics is more

the author of the book ‘The President is a sick man’ Matthew Algeo says – The President made this decision (to be discharged from the hospital) due to politics.  He did not give priority to medicine or treatment.  Here you can clearly see the difference between politics and medicine.  According to Matthew, Trump’s decision violated the public’s right to know about the president’s health.  The truth about this should be made by making a commission. He says- Trump hid the seriousness of his health.  His team was forced to hide his health.

Interesting facts about previous presidents

  • Abraham Lincoln was also seriously ill. He also did not share this.
  • When Vadro Wilson had a Heart Stroke it was kept under curtain for four months.
  • Grover Cleveland’s cancer surgery was hidden for nearly 25 years.
  • Franklin Roosevelt kept the disease hidden.
  • William College professor and writer Susanne Dunn says Roosevelt hid a serious threat to health. The reason for this was that elections were to be held the same year.

Now maybe Donald Trump is following this path. He is also not paying attention to Health Danger.  Their behavior is also highly irresponsible. He is not understanding the severity of the epidemic.  Their doctors are also telling the timeline according to their own, their words also do not show seriousness.

Trump’s admission to the hospital created confusion.  Many of his colleagues have also been found positive.  It is now believed that Trump’s care of the West Wing is doing more and doctors less.  Trump has also kept his routine.  Knowing this, they are taking the risk that this disease can prove to be dangerous in terms of their age and weight.

  • Former Health Commissioner Leena Wayne says – Infection is not the right reason to keep someone in the hospital. But, if a patient is intentionally putting others in danger, then he has to be kept in the hospital against his will as well.
  • David Lapan, a former officer of the Homeland Security and Defense Department says – when the President starts taking decisions about health, he comes here and hands the doctor and the hospital.  There is also a loss of military and doctors.  Doctor Conley did not say on Monday that the President should go to New Jersey for a fund raising program on Thursday.  He refused to get into political matters.  Conley said- I do not want to talk about it.

We don’t know the reason behind this Trump’s decision but as a president he knows his powers and the responsibilities which are on him. Of course all the well wishes and the people of the country wishes a safe health to him in coming days.

Dia bohra @ samacharline