As we know the covid-19 virus is destroying the human bodies but it has also a great influence on the economy of not only a country but of the whole world. Corona virus is a virus which has locked people inside their houses so that they can be alive. India is the only country which was locked down during the first pre phase of the coronavirus effect in India. Our Prime Minister Mr.  Narendra Modi issued lockdown for 3 months to prevent spread of the virus. But as they say if a thing has to be happen, it will happen. Looking at the ratio today, they are 6.76 million cases of covid-19 in the country right now as people are being friendly with the virus the more they are affecting their and their loved ones’ life. Also the only country which has unlocked a lot after the spread of the virus is India. Unlock 5.0 was announced which will be applicable from 15th October which gives a permission to the multiplexes to operate. Yes there are some rules and regulations of the unlock five.

After 7 months of Corona crisis,  the Government released the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Tuesday for  multiplex openings. Multiplexes and cinema halls with 50% capacity can be started from October 15 in other areas except the Containment Zone, but physical distancing will have to be maintained.  The seat between two people will have to be kept vacant.  It will also be necessary to show the film on Corona Awareness.  The entire hall will be sanitized after every show.

This SOP is in 4 parts –

Entry rules-

  • Contact number has to be provided for contact tracing.
  • Thermal screening will take place.
  • Got to apply mask.
  • Hand sanitizer will have to be arranged at exit point and common area.
  • Only the asymptomatic people have to enter. Those who do not obey the Corona Guidelines, strictly behave with them.

Procedure of seating arrangements-

  • The cinema hall will not be able to hold more than 50% occupancy.
  • Booking can be done by leaving one seat. The rest of the seats have to be written not to be occupied.
  • Such seats will either have to be taped or markers placed.
  • One person will not be able to sit behind one.
  • The seats behind the empty seats will be booked.

After getting into the hall-

  • Only packed food will be allowed. More counters will have to be kept for this.
  • Online payment has to be encouraged.
  • Delivery of food and beverages will not be found inside the hall.
  • Interval time can be increased for people to go in and out of the queue.
  • In areas such as access points, online sales points, lobbies and washrooms, people will have to arrange for ways to prevent infection.

Show timings-

  • The time for one show to end and another to begin cannot be maintained at the same time.
  • At the end of a show, people will be taken out of their seats according to the queue so that the distancing continues.
  • After the end of one show, the entire hall will be sanitized, then people will be able to come and sit for the second show. If a person is found positive, the entire campus will have to be disinfected.


Arrangements done at the multiplex-


  • Before and after the show and before and after the interval, it would be necessary to show a 1 minute film on Corona Awareness.
  • Marks have to be placed on the ground for a distance of 6 feet outside the hall.
  • There should be cross ventilation and more windows have to be opened for booking tickets in the 30 degree single screen cinema hall.
  • Online ticket booking should be encouraged.
  • Ticket booking is done all day. Advance booking is available.
  • Use of Arogya Setu App is recommended.
  • Waste food and beverages have to be disposed off with safety.


Well all these rules will be applicable in a multiplex or a cinema hall near us but what’s important is we have to follow the rules as much the management needs to follow. We have to ensure all our own safety at public places like these not only for ourselves but also for others. The show must go on this is a phrase which is used by people and which is literally taken into to meaning. We have let the coronavirus affect our economy for a long time now but now we need to move forward and the only thing we can do is cover our faces with Mask and wash our hands on regular basis. The virus will not get into us until and unless we are not careful.

Dia bohra @samacharline