Sushant Singh death case had led a huge problem in Rhea Chakraborty’s life as after the death of the actor the case turned into a drug case and his girlfriend Rhea was arrested with his brother by the NCB. Initially, it was just the case of Sushant Singh suicide but the case drastically turned into another side taking Rhea into all those problems of the drugs. But the Bombay High Court on Wednesday granted bail to three people, including Rhea Chakraborty, who has been jailed for over a month in the Bollywood O Share drugs case.  She was arrested by the NCB under Section 27A of the NDPS Act.  But the court refused to believe that Rhea was part of drug dealers.  The NCB had demanded a 20-year imprisonment for Rhea, which the court termed as highly disrespectful and unfair.  The court said that if an acquaintance has given money for the consumption of narcotics, then the person entitled to punishment is the person who is paying and not the payer.  That too is not exactly 20 years.

The court said the NCB’s interpretation of 27A was incorrect

In its judgment, the court said, “We agree with the defense argument.”  NCB’s interpretation of section 27A is not valid.  It should not be interpreted as NCB has explained.  We do not agree with NCB’s argument that giving money to others for the use of drugs promotes that person’s drug addiction.  Here ‘financing’ does not stop.

NCB’s allegations on Rhea were misconstrued

NCB accusations on Rhea were wrong, NCB has also accused Rhea that she used her money to arrange drugs.  Also took help of his brother Shovik and Sushant’s staff in this work.  It also does not come under the purview of section 27A.  The court, however, admitted that Shovik was involved in the transaction.  The court admitted the violation of Section 8C of the NDPC Act and admitted an NCB argument that there was a violation of section 8C of the NDPS Act in the Rhea ‘s case.  In this case, punishment under section 20 and section 22 is possible.  But for this, the investigating agency has to show Rhea’s involvement in the drugs case.

The court said that no substance was found in Rhea’s house

In the investigation so far, NCB has not found anything from Rhea or Sushant’s house.  Therefore, commercial transactions of prohibited narcotics are not the case.  The sections 19, 24 and 27A imposed on them are also not established.  It is also not proven that she was part of the drug dealer gang. She also had no previous criminal record.  In such a situation, the bail ground is formed.  Court denies the provision of severe punishment for celebrities, the court is presenting the case on behalf of NCB

The Additional Solicitor General, who is presenting the case on behalf of NCB for the provision of stringent punishment for celebrities, also rejected the argument in which he said that if the celebrities are found involved in such cases, then they should be given comparatively stiff punishment  There should be provisions of this, because they are the ideals of a lot of people and people can commit crime by being influenced by them.  The court said, we do not believe this.  All are equal before the law.  If no one gets any privilege due to being a celebrity, then how can the matter of more punishment be right.  Apart from Rhea, the court also granted bail to Samyul Miranda and Deepesh Sawant.

But this is right actors are also human beings of course they are famous and they have a huge impact on normal people’s lives but that does not what mean that they should be treated differently. Nobody knows if Rhea and Sushant took drugs or were a part of the drug community but as of now we can conclude that Rhea Chakraborty  and her brother have been officially bailed out of the jail.

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