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Are you the master of your own destiny ? – Aastha Upadhyay

How do you interpret your luck? Is it good or is it bad? Well well, it is your conception towards your life whether you are wearing dark pessimistic glasses or bright optimistic glasses. Luck has two sides it can be favourable or unfavourable, you can choose whichever side you like? Don’t you agree ! What If I say you should agree, because luck choose to favour those, who choose to favour themselves.

CHOICES, NOT CHANCES DETERMINES YOUR DESTINY. While being in any drastic situation people always say (whatever has to happen will happen ) I completely disagree with this thing, Like dude no; your choices and decisions are the blueprint of your destiny. Directly or indirectly your decisions are going to effect your destiny. Believe it or not but that’s the bitter truth, your position in your life right now is the end result of your decisions taken earlier. Off course, I also believe that in some exceptions like death, or in birth defects we cannot help ourselves, but at the end we can determine our choices which in turn will determine your destiny. I’m sure most people have heard about THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, which plays a major role in luck. The harder / smarter you work the more luckier you become. NEXT TIME, whenever you are in situation in which you are about to blame your destiny, just rewind your brain, jumble your thoughts and think which decision of yours led this situation to happen. I’m sure you will definitely get your answer and also let me know what are your thoughts on it.

Thank you for reading it patiently

Aastha Upadhyay