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A-Z of Competition Law:

I have been studying Competition law since 11th CCI-NLUJ Antitrust Moot (March 2020) and working/interning in antitrust since then. Today, I was interacting with some senior Competition lawyers and got an idea to create an antitrust vocabulary out of creativity. Hope my competition law fellows , lawyers and friends will like this attempt.

A – Anti-competitive
B – Bigtech
C – Cartel
D – Dawn raid
E – Enforcement
F – Fintech
G – Group
H – Horizontal agreement
I – Information
J – Journal
K – Kluwer
L – Leniency
M – Merger control
N – Notice
O – Opposite Party
P – Price parallelism
Q – Quantity
R – Refusal to deal
S – Stock
T – Tie-in arrangement
U – Unilateral
V – Vertical restraints
W – Warrant
X – Xenocurrency
Y- Yield
Z – Zero-rate



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