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#One Nation One Identity ! (Thou shalt not know thy caste )

May I have the Right to Not  Mention my Caste ?

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Be it school , colleges , government offices , national institutions . Be it competitive examinations . Be it the society , politics , ….etc..  Everywhere before your entry  the shadow of caste has the ‘provision’ to enter first . What’s the need ?

Cast out caste ………….  Casteism is evil ……… !

The beginning ………

India has many problems , many problems are modern . but Casteism is an age-old problem — to be called a traditional problem . National problems can be turned into opportunities when the nation protests against it . Who has the time ? Everyone has . Everyone , especially the higher caste people curse the reserved castes as they hamper the opportunities . Even lower caste people curse the higher caste people because they always look down upon them and their “social boycott ” is a problem since centuries .

If the nation demands for anti-casteism law which declares about the right to not to mention caste , that would be great . Caste creates prejudices and biases . It has no relation with somebody’s talent but people fabricate a relation and evaluate his talent with a jaundiced eye .


Vote Bank Politics

Either laugh on politicians or vote them , the second option is far better . We laugh at politicians and blame them for caste-based votes and polarization . They are quite responsible for it , but Are we looking on our responsibility ? Time is modern , lifestyle is modern and where fits casteism . In India , politics is more important than policies . Politicians just make use of “un-united people “- the division on the basis of caste and religion and demands for votes .


But who votes ? If people blindly follow the customs and traditions and divide themselves on the basis of caste , then how will the society get united ? How will Indians  get mentally knitted with each other ? Stop the tradition of caste and exercise your voting power for the betterment of nation not caste . Politicians gain power with the support of certain castes , but after they come in power , they are the representatives of each and every section of the society . They are elected for the development of whole city/state/country not caste/s. 

Apply Nation First , Self Last Policy .


The Constitution

The constitution of 131 cr . Indians is acclaimed internationally and is known for its citizen-centric articles and provisions .


Fundamental Rights –

Article 15 – ” The State shall not discriminate against  any citizen on grounds only of religion race, caste , sex , place of birth or any of them .  ”

Article 17 – ” Untouchability is abolished and its practice in any form is forbidden . The enforcement of any disability arising out of untouchability shall be an offence punishable in accordance with law .  “





 What the State is doing ??

Asking people to submit their caste before judging their skills is what the government is doing . Why doing so ? Because the existing reservation policy itself discriminates people on the basis of caste . As the reservation policy is based on caste- based reservation and not need based reservation . Article 16 of the Constitution bans discrimination of caste , creed , etc . for employment or office under the state . Then the Reservation policy is against our fundamental right .

Does the family of a government employee who got the job due to reservation need the advantages of reservation as they are now prosperous family than before .

Who needs Reservation then ? In my views , people suffering in the perpectual state of poverty or the people living in backward regions of India , irrespective of their caste or religion should get the advantages of RESERVATION . Also , ONE FAMILY , ONE RESERVATION . There shouldn’t be misuse of reservation policy by using it for a single family multiple times .



#One Nation  One Identity

India has recently turned into an economic union through GST, One Tax One Nation .


Identity not on the basis of caste or religion but identity which depicts our Being Indian . Being Indian is itself an identity and its enough to explain about you in a single word . If the reservation policy turns from caste-based to need-based then who wants to know your caste ? No-one .

At a time when thinking is modern why not the caste  ? Caste should not have its place in your bio-data or exam entrance forms but it can have its importance at your home . You should believe in your caste-led customs and traditions relating to spirituality and God , its your personal issue , not national issue . Nation has nothing to do with your caste .


The conclusion ……..

To bind this nation into one garland and being India the land of many diversities , it’s important that casteism like things should be banned and new thinking approach towards ONE NATION ONE IDENTITY should be developed .

No Discrimination , No Casteism . We have to keep this Nation United . United India has the responsibility of fulfilling Ignited Dreams .

Aditya Trivedi

News Editor @ samacharline