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We need a mix of education & knowledge !

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How many students study for knowledge and not for marks? Very few. This is modern education – Lord Macaulay’s system of education that has changed the whole system and brutally replaced the exemplary guru-shishya culture of teaching.

Education is the most powerful weapon with which we can change the world but the education students are getting presently is different. Marks bark more than knowledge. Students are not evaluated on the basis of their knowledge & talent but marks. This is not good not only for students but also for Skill India. This is why many questions are raised on our education system which remain unanswered or unsatisfactorily answered.

Educating the mind but not educating the heart is no education at all. In India, our present system is creating students but not good citizens, we are creating calculators and not good professionals, and we are creating machines sans values and ethics. Today’s education is creating clever devils. That is why brain drain is on a high rate. Education should mean attachment to our own culture, tradition and heritage but if we ask any student about our ancient culture and holy books, we receive lame replies.

Knowledge and hunger for knowledge among students is depriving. Students are not eating the vitamins of knowledge because the burger of education is delicious enough but it’s pernicious in the long run. Practical knowledge among students is lowering but strictly requisite.

If students are taught about Government Budget in Economics, they should also analyze the Annual Budget of the government. If they are taught Mathematics, they should be known to the practical applications of the topics they practice. If they are taught management, they should be given opportunities to learn management practically. Students who do science experiments in laboratories and study a lot of theories should be known to the practical aspects of science and its daily life usage as well. Students who study Humanities should know the realities along with theories. As a person can’t learn to swim by reading even hundred books on swimming. Practical knowledge and experiences take man to connaissance.

Education system aspires for a practical-knowledge based and culturally shaped framework of education. Centuries back when India had the impeccable guru-shishya culture of education, students realized practically what they studied and learnt values as well as gained wisdom in their classes. They didn’t cram answers and vomit in exams but learnt in the manner they were supposed to.

There is always a room for improvement. Our education system isn’t absolute; there is still scope for changes.We need to give value-based education to our students. Students must be taught values and ethics. Values cannot be imposed. Something which is imposed is opposed. Students need a judicious mix of education and knowledge. They need talents spiced with creativity and learning while enjoying. Creativity among students is a must as Knowledge without creativity is ignorance. Students should not be compared on the basis of their grades but the talents they possess and they should be allowed to choose their career on the basis of their interest and passion. There are high hopes from the makers of education system to systemically plan the future of millions of students and develop Skill India-Knowledge centric India!

  • Aditya Trivedi

       ( News Editor)