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A nostalgic journey through the memories of the alumnis: NLUJAA

The prestigious, National Law University and Judicial
Academy, Assam began it’s journey on 2009 by the
Judicial Academy, Assam Act, 2009(Act No. XXV
of 2009). The journey of NLUJAA did not started
its concrete foundation in and around the beautiful
landscape of Hajo Road, Amingaon, but it all began
in the Ulubari campus.

When you first witness the resplendent campus, you
are welcomed with the boldly written NATIONAL
glimmering plate inscribed on the right side of the
brick wall of the entrance.

From the very portrayal of the partial glimpses of the
building from the entrance, gives you a sudden cold
chills in your veins that you either have to make it or
break it in these five years of your precious life.

Well, there is a saying that every beginning has
its end. And in the whole journey we collect many
memoirs of beautiful memories with us, which gets
glued to us for lifetime.

Through the words of our senior alumni of NLUJAA, I
want to pen down some of the beautiful memoirs that
they have described me.

Throughout the  precious years of their life in
NLUJAA, our respected seniors have witnessed the
bittersweet experiences of everything.
They have witnessed the ups and the downs. The
smell of the newly inaugurated class, when they first
entered their respective class. The unforgetful face of
the teachers, who played a great role in moulding them
as an individual for their prospective arena that they
will step into i.e the real life.
In NLUJAA, the seniors have seen the real meaning
of life, the feeling of ‘home away from home’ and
accepting people from across India as their new family,
which they will eventually cherish for the rest of their
journey. They have also seen the happiness that they
perceive when the whole batch unites as a whole
whenever there’s any negative situation nearby.

Last but not the least, every student in NLUJAA be it a
senior or a junior, has a pride in their heart, as they are
standing and are at par to one of the greatest minds
and prospective lawyers of the country.

National Law University, Assam has many surprises
filled within it, and we the students have to make
the best out of everything so that we get the
opportunity to unbox every little surprise the
university has to offer us.

  • Isheta Boruah