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Am I useless or priceless?

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Nothing is abortive in this globe, even drizzle is blessing for barren.

We all are so busy within our lives that we don’t have time for rejuvenation or for freshness. In the hustle and bustle, we forget to tackle with the tiniest problems. Parents are busy in earning lifestyle that they forget to indulge in the daily activities of their children. The children are so busy in their studies that they don’t have time to share their lovable moments with their parents and thereby the cycle goes on and on. And we get depressed, stressed and choose to end our life.

In this span, we all need motivation. Everyone is depressed nowadays, nobody is satisfied with what he or she has, everyone wants to be rich, successful, and popular but nobody wants to do hard work. Everyone needs quick success. So, to attain inner happiness and success here are some key points that need to keep in mind.

*Train your brain*

We easily get distracted; we are not able to concentrate on our work just because our mind loves traveling . For an instance, If I am reading a book, then I am present there physically but not mentally. We easily lose our concentration, because we all love to think about future, we all think about things which are not in our hands right now and we focus less on the present but more on future.

Train your brain to act like a servant at the time of learning and make it master at the time of earning.

*Nothing is difficult*

We are easily affected by the words said by others; we focus on things which demotivate us rather than those things which motivate us, we are always curious to know what others think about us. We all want to do that stuff in which we are comfortable. We want to do things which easily take us to the road of success. It’s important to come out from our comforting shells and accept challenges. We avoid challenges. We have that fear of failure in our hearts. Failure haunts us in our dreams and as a result, we accept that we lost the battle of life.

How can I do this? Even toppers are not able to make it. I am not that brilliant, I am just an average student, This is not my piece of cake. These are all excuses we listen and even said regularly. Stop giving excuses every time, if a man without hands can become an artist, a girl without legs can dance then how can you say that you are not able to make it because your topper friend didn’t.

You only need to keep in mind that everyone is different with his or her different personalities.

*Worst situations in life!*

Empty pockets, heartbreaks, failure, lost parents but still, we hope for a better tomorrow, because the darkest nights have the brightest mornings. You know what sometimes, we decide our own fate. So, work hard and chase your dreams. Everytime you choose one right step, you climbed one more step towards your dreams. If you step forward against millions of voices which are stopping you then “congratulations ’’, you are not far from the success.

*Why go for alternatives????*

The human being is so mysterious, they are not able to stick on the same thing for a long term because you always take alternatives, backups before doing anything; if you failed in one thing then you try another and another. What you think?? Is this expedient? No, it’s not, it’s better to choose one thing and make it your goal and work on it. It will give you and your life stability and purpose.

Make your goals your passion, your love, and your life. You will never get bored and lose hope,  if you keep motivating yourself every time.

– Sugandhi Gupta