Black Day 2 : Humanity demands Human Attention !

Article Samacharline |

We have a book of constitution stating all the rules and regulations and all the acts  which allow us adequate freedom and rights in this nation.

But today, we still need to break the silence only when something big happens in the country and ruins some of the families and shake the headlines of the newspapers. That time, the book of constitution is referred and the acts for the cases are consulted.

Whether it is a rape case or a  murder case , we always want something to happen so that we can take actions until we have the blind folds on our eyes. We see everything but still we shut our mouth, I think sometimes it’s because of the rusted system or sometimes it’s because of the fact that we should not involve in this work.

There was again a black day witnessed not only on the country grounds but also beyond the country boundaries. Again we provoked  common masses to come on the roads for demanding their rights and  better government decisions and actions.

Two incidents which shocked the whole country, first , 3 children got hitter by the truck  leading to death due to uneasy bus condition, and  second  was the brutal murder and rape of a 7 year old girl Zainab Ansari.

On JANUARY 5, 2018 when  parents of 16 children waiting on their stops  for their kids to come back from school.  A sudden accident took place at the bridge due to steering failure and the bus was thrashed to the truck which took the lives of 5 kids and the bus driver. This took the whole state to again stand on the roads for this carelessness. Kids were screaming but they didn’t know what happened,suffering from blood oozes at the same time.  A peaceful evening turned to be a horrifying scene.

After this accident, the whole state came under threat ,and every bus is decided to be checked thoroughly now onwards.  So we were waiting for this to happen. If we took some concrete steps earlier,then that might not happen.

Again, on JANUARY 9,2018, a dead body was found of a girl from the heap of garbage in Kasur District of Pakistan. She was ZAINAB ANSARI , a 7 year old girl who was also coming after taking religious lessons from her tuition. She was abducted, raped and killed and then thrown. This incident took the whole Pakistan to take steps against the government. It was said that it was not the first time in the district, rather it was the seventh death. After this only the police took steps against the culprit.

For this also, the anger was raised at the peak and the mob covered the streets of the district, even protested in front of the police station. This was reached at that level that some sudden actions were required to be taken against the situation.

Who is responsible for all this? We have laws  ,we have the government ,we have the police . Still we are facing such situations where the innocents have to sacrifice their lives.

It’s all about the mindset of the people. We are again and again creating disputes  on  religious and political grounds. Instead if we invest the same money and power in the country we would be  having everything correct. From that day, whole nation will be a crime free country and  nobody will need to sacrifice their lives. No headlines will be there that will make our mornings bitter.


  • Anushka Verma