Love – a misunderstood misunderstanding !

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Love is a frequently heard but misunderstood concept and love is generally misunderstood with lust. Lust and love are two different feelings, as lust is a mere attraction towards the bodily appearance of other person whereas love is eternal feeling and a connection between two souls. Love is not that school and college life love where you think hanging out together , watching movies  together and gifting each other expensive items is love but this type of love  is a mere attraction. True love is free from  materialistic touch.When you are  in love with someone you like spending time with him /her and like talking to him for hours without bothering about so called time. When you are good friends and when you feel at home with someone then  you can be true lovers .

Love is something that we have seen between Lord Krishna and Radha centuries ago where they both never got married  but then also they are worshipped together as a pair, their love is true and pure.  True love is between Lord Shiva and Sati that gave Her power to fight for her respect and become goddess Kali and destroy all devils alone. They truly define love that love is without any expectations and boundations and allow you to fly like a free bird and gives you power to do anything in your life and makes you realize all your strength and helps you meet all your shortcomings. So, considering lust as love is a big mistake . Love is  a pure, intense  and beautiful feeling.

  • Anika Sharma